A Visit

There was a scratching at the window. I clambered out of bed to investigate the sound. What I found was truly unexpected. Outside the frosted window, I saw a man dressed in a dark blue suit. The first two buttons of his shirt were undone and even from the dark, I could see dark blood smudged all over his suit and shirt in patches that gave his blue suit a purplish hue. Hanging above his chest was a golden locket with a picture that seemed to be a wedding photo. But I just could not discern the faces in the dark of the night. The man’s face was flushed red and his right eye was badly bruised. A thick, dark red line was drawn along his crooked nose that was bright red from the cold. The knuckles of his hands were covered with red and blue patches of bruises. His lower lip was badly torn.

The sound was coming from the man as he fumbled with the lock on my door with a set of keys he was holding in his right hand. Every attempt to open the lock created a distinct noise that resembled a scratch at the window.

‘Oh my goodness! This man is trying to break into my house. Now what?’

I scurried up and down from one end to the other of my living room trying to figure out how to deal with the situation.

He seemed to be having a lot of trouble with the locks. After trying 3 keys on his key chain, he collapsed down on the floor, laying his back to my door.

“Goddammit. Which key was it? It’s so damn cold out here. So damn cold,” the man complained.

“Screw it, I’m just gonna knock the door down. This house is already breaking down anyways.”

After walking a few steps backwards, he started sprinting, and “BAM!” he charged right into the door.

“Ahh shoot!” He frowned in pain as he grabbed his left shoulder with his right hand.

I quickly prepared to protect myself in case he managed to break the door down.I hid myself next to the doorway.

The man charged at the door several more times before he started walking towards the back door.

Relieved, I walked down my hallway to my house as quietly as I could to monitor whatever he was trying to do at my back door. From his nose and mouth puffed out his white breath like the chimeny of a steam train. Once again, he took out his key chain with the set of keys and repeated the process of trying to each one of his keys on the lock.

“How the heck isn’t the back door opening either?” The man grumbled in anger.

The man began walking a few steps backwards again. Once again, I prepared to protect myself in case he managed to break the door and grabbed a baseball bat in my reach.

‘I will strike him with his bat as hard as I can as soon as he sets his foot into my house.” I thought to myself.

“BAM BAM” I could feel my heart beating faster.

“BAM!” With the third thump, the door finally gave in.

I squeezed my eyes shut and swung my bat as hard as I could. Silence filled the air for the few seconds I closed my eyes.

When I opened my eyes, what I saw was quite unexpected. The man was not injured at all and the bat in hands was evaporating into the air. What was more, the man did not seem to notice me although I was clearly in front of his eyes.

The man also seemed baffled and then as if he realized something, the man slapped his forhead with his right hand and exclaimed: “Oh jeez, not another mistake. I tried to get into my old house again! I really should stop drinking.

With dreamy eyes, the man looked around the house and sighed out: “This place just brings gback the memories. If only I could go back to those days..”

Even more confused, I walked closer to him, closer enough, in fact, that I could finally discern the faces on the gold locket haning over his chest.


What I saw was was truly unexpected. The woman in the wedding dress was myself and in the black tuxedo was the man standing in front of me who seemed to be falling into the daydream of his happier days.

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